About Us

 Vision Statement

Successful actions result in satisfied residents in the Community North of the Magalies


  • Improving the living conditions and standards in the community
  • Addressing poor service delivery from the local and provincial authorities

Why are we doing this?

Its simple. The North of Magalies Residents Association (Officially known as Doornpoort Residents Association) has one thing in mind and that is to improve and serve the community and area we live in.
The objectives in the constitution are defined as follows:

Improving communication, consultation and collaboration with National, Provincial and Local Governments, the Wonderboom Airport Management, the Tshwane Metro Police and the South African Police Service as well as any other group/organisation that can add value to the Doornpoort Residents’ Association and its’ residents.

Member Benefits

We would like to encourage the community to join the Residents Association as members. The more people support the association, the more voices are available to support causes to ensure that our requests are heard by our local government and to participate in improving our community and surroundings.

1. Improve communication with authorities and role players.
2. Liason with counselors to lobby issues of relevance to areas north of the Magalies.
3. Interact with developers and businesses to protect and promote the interest of the areas north of the Magalies residents.
4. Evaluate and respond to new laws and policies related to and affecting areas north of the Magalies.
5. Monitoring land use applications.
6. Oppose illegal land uses.
7. Assist in addressing security needs in liason with the SAPS, CPF, Tshwane Metro, and Wonderboom Airport

Find a copy of the Constitution under Documents and Downloads